Harnessing BI
& AI to power

We turn your raw data into insightful and actionable business intelligence which you can act upon to drive real business value and accelerate business growth.


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    What is Lobeslab?

    We’re a Malta-based data science firm focused on delivering BI and AI-powered solutions to companies who want to leverage data to drive business success. 

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    What We Offer

    • Data Strategy

    • Data Science and AI Consultation Services

    • AI Software Development


    We help companies make efficient use of the data they have available to them so that they can take transformative strategic actions that drive real business value.


    We turn data into a streamlined solution which you can act upon to make informed decisions. 

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    We turn your data into graphical representations that are easy to interpret and use.

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    We apply Machine Learning to your business problems to produce richer insight.

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    Strategic Advice

    We provide achievable actionable advice for the entire project lifecycle or as targeted support.

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    We offer top-of-the-line end-to-end solutions for competitive prices.

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    We provide our clients with online, phone and web-based screen sharing support.

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    A smart way of conducting business

    Your data. Our tools.
    One big competitive advantage. 

    How it works


    Expected Growth

    The big data market is expected
    to grow by 20% in 2019


    Invested in Big Data

    Based on data from a report which
    surveyed 60 Fortune 1000 companies


    Let’s revolutionise the way your organisation functions. 

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    Get insights faster

    The high speed tools and in-memory analytics used can easily identify new sources of data, helping businesses:

    • Analyse data immediately.

    • Make quick decisions based on the learnings.

    Make more accurate decisions

    Our apt tools will help you extract sensible intelligence which is accurate and correct, so that you can:

    • Correctly analyse a situation.

    • Offer correct solutions for your problems.

    Improve efficiency

    With real-time insight into errors, purchasing patterns, sales trends and competitive offerings, businesses can:

    • Pro-actively respond to upcoming failures.

    • React quickly to mitigate the effects of any emerging threats.

    Increase revenue

    We help you glean insights that competitors don’t have and gain insights that lead to:

    • Higher conversion rates.

    • Increased revenue and accelerated growth.

    How it works

    Our Business Intelligence service can be summarised into four main stages:

    Solving your business’s biggest challenges

    We take the data you have on your business and your market and make it work harder and smarter for you.

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