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Lobeslab News

LobesLab News is a local news aggregator and analyzer. This tool gathers articles from leading news portals, translates them to English when required, after which we perform some analysis.

The News Overview

The first statistical information provided on this tool is the article frequency per news portal and articles available for the chosen period. You can select a starting day from which articles dating back to a maximum of 8 days shall be showcased. The statistical information provided is complemented with a line graph showcasing the number of articles per news portal for the chosen period. This is useful to identify any fluctuations in publications either for a specific date or portal or both.

News overview

The News Sentiment

The individual articles are then listed in a multi-column and multi-page format, whereby it is possible to search for specific keywords as well as toggling on/off any articles from any specific portal. The entire article upon publishing date is stored but it does not include any media complementing the written text, for that we provide the link to the full article at source. Also, if an article is updated after its publishing date, we do not keep track of these changes. Our analysis allows us to determine the general sentiment of the article, which the user can request to see a more detailed sentence-based sentiment for the entire article. Although it is not always accurate, sentiment analysis gives you an overview of the sentiment, this is represented by three icons showing negative, neutral or positive sentiment.

Negative SentimentNeutral SentimentPositive Sentiment
Sentiment Indicators
News Articles

The News Graph

The graph section is where all articles across the different sources are visualized as dots, coloured based on their source and linked to related articles. To see the linked articles the user can zoom in on the graph and click on any dot.

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