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We’re a group of highly skilled data scientists, business analysts and software engineers.

Collectively, we have over thirty years of experience in the IT and consulting industries;
helping organisations propel their business forward through various data science and tech solutions.

We’re a highly skilled multidisciplinary data science company based in Malta.

We use our experience to help businesses propel their business forward by adopting BI and AI -driven technologies.

Years of Experience

Alan Gatt


Alan has over 15 years of experience in IT training, mainly data-related topics. He completed a Masters in Informatics specialising in data warehouse storage techniques. His main focus is supporting business decision-making through data analysis techniques.

Frankie Inguanez


Specialising in backend development, Frankie has gathered a skill set in Java and T/SQL programming from his private practice, together with analytical and research skills from his academic studies, BSc in IT (Hons) in Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence and MSc in Business Intelligent Systems & Data Mining. He is also an MCAST University College lecturer and has had the opportunity to mentor some very talented young IT professionals.

Luke Vella Critien


With over 9 years experience in the IT and vocational educational industry, Luke specialises in the data realm, more specifically in data mining and data analytics.  He has recently been awarded an MSc in Business Intelligence and Data Mining and is also certified in Microsoft SQL Server.  His vast knowledge helps clients analyse and expand their horizon through our services.

Robert Abela


Robert’s career in software development saw him cover various roles and become proficient in Java, C, Python and software testing. He is detail-oriented with a passion for training having extensive experience mentoring junior software developers and lecturing at MCAST. He recently completed a Masters in Computer Science specializing in Security.

Morgan Parnis


Morgan is an entrepreneur and accomplished senior executive. He is responsible for directing strategy towards profitable growth and specialises in the development of market research, learning and development, IT, BI and AI solutions. Morgan has launched several successful companies and is the CEO of Business Leaders Malta and a Partner at Mdina International Ltd.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How will my organisation benefit from such a system?2019-08-26T09:15:39+02:00

Typically, organisations have different systems which are used for different tasks and which are not well connected. Such situations make it difficult to have a clear understanding of the final outcomes. With a well-designed BI or AI system the company will rely on an organised data repository which is fed data from different systems. This organised repository is used to extract important information which can be used to take important decisions which will help to reduce costs, improve customer relationships and employee satisfaction amongst others. With the help of data visualisations different users within the organisation can have a clearer overview of data in real time.

Will BI or AI solve all my problems?2019-08-26T09:15:55+02:00

BI and AI are not meant to solve all your organisational problems but will definitely alleviate a lot of burden from your organisation. Our solutions help in improving the work processes within the organisation while reducing stress on the employees, improving productivity and increasing capital gains.

Is my data enough for BI or AI?2019-08-26T09:16:43+02:00

The first step in this process is usually that of understanding the available data together with the organisational needs. The amount of data available is an important factor but if such data is disjointed it would be difficult to extract clear results. Our specialised team can help you in organising your current data, extract other relevant data and plan for the future.

My data is in spreadsheet format, can I use BI and AI?2019-08-26T09:16:55+02:00

It is not recommended to use spreadsheet/s to store your data if you intend to make use of BI and AI solutions, but we can still help you.  Our solutions include tools that can help you move data from different sources (including spreadsheets) so that you can harness BI and AI.

Do I need to have specific software for a BI or AI system?2019-08-26T09:17:25+02:00

The final solution that will be delivered by LobesLab depends on the organisational needs.  Our solutions are typically modelled around existing organisational workflows and were possible we try to use available software agreements.  During the analysis stage, the current systems are reviewed, and clients are advised with the best way forward.

Do I need to have a specific BI or AI team?2019-08-26T09:17:45+02:00

This boils down to the size of the organisation and the task at hand.  We offer different solutions depending on the required task/s.  In most of the cases we attempt to automate the process flows so that human involvement is reduced.

How long will it take to implement a BI or AI system in my organisation?2019-08-26T09:17:53+02:00

There is no finite time frame for the implementation to be completed. These systems require a thorough analysis of the available environment. Depending on the current state of the data and the applications which make use of it, a more detailed time frame can be calculated. Not all tasks are the same, but such a process is normally completed over a number of months, depending on the current organisational state and final outcome.

Is this process a one-off thing?2019-08-26T09:18:07+02:00

Implementing such systems is an intensive process which is typically split in different milestones. Typically, such systems are not undertaken all at one go. We offer different packages whereas we first explain all the required steps and then agree on the implementation dates of the said milestones. These milestones can be one after the other (with possible breaks in between) or even overlapping. Milestone implementation depends on the task/s at hand, allotted budgets and other possible factors. Once that all the milestones have been deployed, the system will require little to no changes.

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