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Lobeslab News

LobesLab News is a local news aggregator and analyzer. This tool gathers articles from leading news portals, translates them to English when required, after which we perform some analysis. The News Overview The first statistical information provided on this tool is the article frequency per… Read More »Lobeslab News

Further Exploration

The data used in this demonstration was obtained by using the techniques from the previous web series. The file used in this article can be downloaded from here. The main aim of this article is to start exploring the data found in the scraped reviews. Various… Read More »Further Exploration

Analysis of Restaurant Reviews

This article continues on the series that automatically scraped information from TripAdvisor. The other series links can be found here: Introduction to Web Scraping A Selenium scraper for TripAdvisor reviews Improving the scraper The data used in this demonstration was obtained by using the techniques… Read More »Analysis of Restaurant Reviews

Malta COVID-19 Tracker

Malta COVID-19 Tracker

Malta COVID-19 Tracker At Lobeslab Ltd. we have designed a new streamlined visualisation of the local, Maltese, COVID-19 cases. The Malta COVID-19 Tracker is designed using Google Data Studio and is synced directly to the Malta Covid-19 cases public Git repository that we had launched… Read More »Malta COVID-19 Tracker