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Malta COVID-19 Tracker

Malta COVID-19 Tracker

Malta COVID-19 Tracker At Lobeslab Ltd. we have designed a new streamlined visualisation of the local, Maltese, COVID-19 cases. The Malta COVID-19 Tracker is designed using Google Data Studio and is synced directly to the Malta Covid-19 cases public Git repository that we had launched… Read More »Malta COVID-19 Tracker

COVID-19 Malta data set

COVID-19 Maltese cases data

Following the launch of our COVID-19 powerful time-series visualisation with projections report we are now launching a public GIT repository. Lobeslab’s latest GIT repository is named covid-19-MT and it contains the latest data in relation to the covid-19 virus on the islands of Malta.  The… Read More »COVID-19 Maltese cases data

Data Analysis for your Business

In many organisations data can be an untapped resource that can boost the organisation’s profitability and visibility. Data is constantly being generated from various sources such as point of sale transactions, online transactions, website usage patterns, customer feedback and internally generated data. Since this data… Read More »Data Analysis for your Business