Cleanly is a newly developed flagship product by for companies specialising in market research that will help them to improve their workflow and obtain quicker insights.

Different techniques, including telephone, email, and face-to-face interviews, are regularly used to collect data. These techniques are commonly used in conjunction with available online tools, such as Google Surveys, Microsoft Forms, Alchemer, Qualtrics Core XM, SurveyMonkey, Doodle and others.  Once the data collection process is complete, the mentioned tools will usually generate a spreadsheet file with all the responses.   Cleanly comes in at this point in your process flow. 

Some of the available functionalities include: 

  • the categorisation of different projects in one single repository 
  • straightforward import of survey responses 
  • changing and renaming survey questions and response data 
  • sorting of responses 
  • joining of questions  
  • the categorisation of survey questions depending on content and context 
  • clear status notifications 
  • the possibility of collaborating with other users on particular projects 
  • the ability to visualise interactive results 

After successfully cleaning your survey responses, Cleanly will give you the possibility to export the cleaned survey fit and ideal for data visualisation. Using a data reporting tool of your choice, you can then generate insightful data visualisations.  

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