Following the launch of our COVID-19 powerful time-series visualisation with projections report we are now launching a public GIT repository.

COVID-19 Malta data set

COVID-19 Malta data set

Lobeslab’s latest GIT repository is named covid-19-MT and it contains the latest data in relation to the covid-19 virus on the islands of Malta.  The covid-19-MT repository contains the following details in it:

  • DOI folder – this folder includes all the covid-19 press briefings issued by the Maltese Department Of Information (DOI). This folder includes the English version of these press briefings
  • LICENSE – this file includes the license under which this repository operates
  • – this file includes important information related to the content found in this repository
  • malta.csv this comma-separated file (CSV) includes detailed data related to each covid-19 case in the Maltese islands. The attributes included in this file are: date registered, patient number, age, gender, nationality, origin, return date in Malta, symptoms start date, patient symptoms, self-quarantine, quarantine delay, transmission type, profession, complication, recovery date, death
  • malta_time_series.csv – this CSV file includes a summary of the cases on a daily basis


We have also registered our visualisation tool and dataset with the COVID-19 Cognitive City portal which contains a lot of valuable resources, tools and contributions from around the world on the subject matter. This data set is meticulously updated on a daily basis via the official DOI press briefings and the daily press conferences by the Maltese Health Minister – Dr Chris Fearne and/or the Maltese Superintendent of Public Health – Prof Charmaine Gauci.


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