Malta COVID-19 Tracker

At Lobeslab Ltd. we have designed a new streamlined visualisation of the local, Maltese, COVID-19 cases. The Malta COVID-19 Tracker is designed using Google Data Studio and is synced directly to the Malta Covid-19 cases public Git repository that we had launched in a previous article. The visualisation is limited to total cases, active cases, recovered cases and cases of death. We update the repository on a daily basis following the official publishing of data from government COVID-19 information page and press releases. We hope that this is useful, use the contact details below for more information.


Clarification: Inclusion of cases by migrants

On Sunday 16th August 2020, the Maltese Authorities announced that cases of COVID-19 from incoming illegal migrants will no longer be included in the total case count. They also reported that past cases will be removed. This has presented a data integrity problem for this repository since it is not entirely clear on which days these cases were removed. We also believe that it is unethical to remove these cases. For this reason, this repository shall not revise the case counts prior to the 16th of August. Since we do not have access to the number of cases from migrants we have no way of including them so as of the 16th August 2020 this repository will not be including migrant cases due to a lack of data from official sources and not by our choice.



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